Cooperation agreement signed with Russian Asian Legal Association

    Russian Asian Legal Association was formed on 16 November 2016 in Shanghai The Shanghai congress consisted of lawyers from Russia, China, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Its organizers represented the largest law firms in Asia, and were all interested in attracting large investments to Russia and other former USSR countries. The Congress hence established the Russian-Asian Legal Association.


    II International Legal Summit One Way: Investments and Law at Asia

    Dubai, UAE , 12 January 2020 Topics of the RALA Summit  B-to-B discussions: – practical aspects and legal difficulties in export and import in Russia and Asia, solving problems with Bank payments and seizure of assets of Russian companies abroad,  search for new areas of cooperation of Russian business in Asia,                                                           exchange of cases and clients between lawyers and lawyers of Russia with Asian lawyers. – new LegalTech IT systems for the work of a lawyers:   Brandpol- Legal Uber for advocates at trade marks defense. Detailed master-class of the BrandPol System with the top officials of the global it Corporation BrandPol. – problems with the export and certification of Russian…