Cooperation agreement signed with «Investment Russia»

A cooperation agreement was signed with the Russian-wide public organization «Investment Russia»

«Investment Russia» is a Russian-wide public organization promoting investment opportunities in the Russian Federation, a platform for the study of the best practices working with investors and then disseminates these across the country. The organization’s activities include development programs, proposals, research to improve the investment climate, organizing the dialogue between entrepreneurs and authorities, and search and attraction of foreign investors.

The aim of the organization is to bring together entrepreneurs to create a uniform system to deal with issues of financing of investment projects, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship in attracting investment capital into the Russian Federation. The project aims to solve problems such as the lack of universal mechanisms of interaction with investors, the lack of mutual awareness between investors and initiators, inefficient communication systems, dependence on the location, scope, low dynamics, and problems of understanding of the legislation. The programs are being developed to increase the general investment literacy.

«Investment Russia» brings together public authorities at all levels of the business community, investment companies, as well as companies and individuals in all regions of Russia. All project participants have the opportunity to consult with experts – familiar with the results of the investment activity – which, are carried out in the framework of the program, as well as access to a single international database of investment projects.

The Russian-wide public organization promoting investment in the Russian Federation «Investment Russia» has 64 regional offices in the Russian Federation. Representative organizations are working in the UK, France, Israel, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Turkey and Belarus the organization is in active interaction with the BRICS countries.