CEO of IVU visited forum Russia-AFRICA in Sochi

Results of the forum Russia Africa. The Russia – Africa summit and Economic forum were held on October 23-24 in Sochi under the motto “For peace, security and development”. Such large-scale events are held in modern Russia for the first time and have no analogues in the history of Russian-African relations. Official delegations of African countries and business representatives expressed high interest in further development of cooperation, in deepening and intensification of Russian-African cooperation. The Russia – Africa Economic forum was preceded by large-scale preparatory work, which served to strengthen and expand cooperation between Russia and Africa. Priority areas of economic cooperation were identified, on which concrete results could be achieved in the coming years: energy, including renewable energy sources; infrastructure development, especially the construction of Railways and housing; modern and high-tech mining and processing of minerals; agriculture, digital technology, exploration, medicine, science and education.

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