Cooperation agreement has been signed between Investment Russia and PGB GROUP

PGB is a highly skilled and well determined Group heading towards innovations, acting as dynamic interface between the Institutional and Financial worlds and the Industrial one, pursuing and enhancing new business in Italian and foreign markets.

We are a strong professional team continuously aiming to connect with our Partners, oriented to improving their economical results and business developments.
PGB Group’s main activities span across the fields of  Economy, Finance, Technological innovations, Cyber Security, Oil & Gas, Commodities and the digital Media world.

INFORMATION, STRATEGY and LOBBYING represent our core business respecting ethical and social values.
We operate in both the Italian and International markets, generating added value to our Partner’s, Industries, Companies and new Leaders.
All projects are handled and customized based on the objectives that are aimed to be reached.
Knowing how to turn a project into a concrete business  opportunity is our main task, especially in this phase of the world economic juncture.

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